Realms: Adventurers


Information in this document will evolve as the protocol evolves. This is the second iteration of Adventurers design. We have taken lessons learnt from building Eternum and are applying them to Realms: Adventurers.

This is an open protocol design. It is being built in the open and is evolving as we build it. We are looking for feedback and ideas from the community. If you have any questions or feedback please join the discord and let us know.

What is Realms: Adventurers?

Realms: Adventurers is a protocol for building on-chain games that utilizes an economic loop to incentivize developers and provide players with increased agency and ownership. It builds upon the concepts of the original Loot contract and Eternum, and serves as a set of base rules and interface standards for on-chain game development.

We introduce a new concept to web3 gaming called: Play 2 Die. Our thesis is in our belief around developer and player incentives in a digital world. In our Play 2 Die model, players are incentivized to play games and developers are incentivized to build games. This is achieved through an economic loop that is created.

Play 2 Die


Realms: Eternum requires a Realm to play, Realms: Adventurers will not require a Realm. For players to particpate in this they will only need an Adventurer.

What is an Adventurer?

Adventurers are the characters in this reality. At the blockchain layer they are NFTS with on-chain metadata, at the application layer they are your identity and record of what you do.

What will an Adventurer cost?

The cost of minting an Adventurer will be around $10 USD. This will allow for a large number of people to participate in the protocol and have the NFT itself be non-speculative.

On-chain statistics and meta-data

Adventurers all start with a base layer of statistics. These statistics level up as time goes by depending on the types of activity the Adventurer completes. The modular architecture of the Adventurer contract will allow for new statistics and new activities (both from within Realms and the wider ecosystem) to be added over time.

What will you do with an Adventurer?

Play games! The protocol will be open and allow developers to build games on top of it. The DAO will create games for the protocol, and developers will be able to build their own games. We are only limited by our imagination.

There are a few games in active development.


Adventurers will play a specific role in the management over Realms. They will be able to travel to Realms and interact with them. This will form the first cross-play experience between Realms and Adventurers. Specifics around this will be released in a later date. Keep up to date in the discord for the latest information.


A key component of the Realmverse is crafting, and anyone with an Adventurer is eligible for it.

This is the topic of the next section - Loot Fountains.

Last updated on March 2, 2023