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Adventurers is a new type of ERC721 contract that is upgradeable and composable on StarkNet. Adventurers are free to mint, and with StarkNet’s very competitive transaction fees they are as free to play as it gets on-chain. Adventurers are the key to playing many games in the Realmverse and are a crucial element of the economy.

How is an Adventurer Born?

Adventurers will be claimed directly on StarkNet for substantially lower mint fees. Once an Adventurer is claimed, the player will be able to equip Loot items that have been distilled from the Loot Fountain. Adventurers will be able to be traded like any other NFT.

The Genetics

When the Adventurer is selected you will be able to select their race and sex. These will be written on-chain permanently.

The Statistics

Adventurers all start with a base layer of statistics. These statistics level up as time goes by depending on the types of activity the Adventurer completes. The modular architecture of the Adventurer contract will allow for new statistics and new activities (both from within Realms and the wider ecosystem) to be added over time.

What do you do with an Adventurer?


Once the Adventurer is equipped they will be able to quest in various parts of the map. This will include both active and passive activities. These activities will yield resources and other special items which the Adventurer can use to craft.


A key component of the Realmverse is crafting, and anyone with an Adventurer is eligible for it. This is the topic of the next section - Loot Fountains.

Interoperability with new modules

The open nature of the protocol allows new developers to build experiences for the Adventurers, so the possible utility for the Adventurers is limited only by the imagination of developers.