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Loot Bag

What is Lootโ€‹

Loot is a collaborative media project that aims to create a decentralized, infinitely-expansive sci-fantasy universe, rich with stories, games and multimedia.

The Lootverse is a collection of NFT projects, games, art, stories and multimedia backed by an active community of players, builders, artists, writers and creators.

"OG Loot" refers to the original 8,000 Loot bags released by Dom Hoffman on 8/27/2021, a composable "primitive" for the Lootverse.

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Why we're built on Lootโ€‹

Loot is unique โ€”ย in the spirit of CC0, there is no central team, no central roadmap and no company that backs it.

Loot is a decentralized community of builders, creators, artists, writers and players who are building a world together.

It's this community of builders that we are building with. Together, we are bringing this open source world to life.

Our plans for the Lootverseโ€‹

We plan to bring the OG Loot bags onto StarkNet and allow rich game play with them. We will be doing this via a distillation contract.

OG bag holders will be able to distil bags and will receive the elements as individual NFTs on StarkNet.

These NFTs will evolve over time and will be equippable to an on-chain character.

Loot Bag