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With your generated or purchased resources, you can begin to develop and fortify your Realm. Each building will have a positive effect on one statistic but will negatively impact another. It is your job as a ruler to balance this.

Spatial Areasโ€‹

Buildings take up square space on your Realm so you must choose which ones to build.

You can calculate the spatial area of a Realm by:

Regions * Cities + 25 = buildable space

The above formula will give you the Realmโ€™s max buildable squares (which is the constraint) and you canโ€™t build more than this at any given time. If you have built on all available space, you must wait for decay to happen or demolish buildings to create space.


Building Decayโ€‹

Buildings in the game exponentially decay over time - the more buildings of the same type you have, the faster they decay.

Each building decays at a different rate, for example, castles decay slower than a work hut.

Building Typesโ€‹


Work huts are buildings that increase your working population. The greater your population, the greater the output of your resources. A consequence of having a greater population is that you will require more food otherwise your resource generation will be capped at 250 per day - read more here

Work huts have a fixed and relative cost based on the resources the Realm has. For example, a Realm with only Wood can build a work hut for 10x Wood, while a Realm with Diamonds, Sapphire and Mithral will need to pay 10 of each.

Once you build work huts they will decay, so it is not a one-time purchase. Work huts decay a set amount once every 24 hours, decay begins as soon as they are completed. Once they decay completely, your population will decrease until you rebuild them.


A Lord must build military buildings to unlock the ability to summon troops for raiding Realms and defending their raidable vault.

There are four types of military buildings and they unlock different army units in each of the three tiers:

BuildingTier 1 UnitTier 2 UnitTier 3 Unit
Archer HouseSkirmisherLongbowCrossbow
Mage TowerApprenticeMageArchanist


Farms & Fish Traps

To keep a positive happiness level, a Realm Lord must ensure that there is enough food for the population at any given time. The higher the population (work huts) and military units on a Realm, the more food required to maintain happiness and therefore increase resource output.

There are two agricultural buildings in the Realmverse and they produce two different food:

BuildingFood Output# of harvests
FarmWheat10 Harvests
Fish TrapsFish10 Harvests

Once you have harvested your farm/fish trap 10 times, you will need to build them again to generate further food yields.


$WHEAT and $FISH can be sold/purchased on the AMM


To distribute food to your population and troops, you must convert $FISH/$WHEAT into a storehouse.

Storehouses take up spatial areas on your Realm so you must be strategic about your buildings to ensure you always have enough room to feed your population, and therefore increase your resource output and troop's vitality.