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Goblin Towns

Each Realm regardless of rarity and traits is entitled to a $LORDS reward, but there are no free lunches.

To earn your $LORDS reward, players must have their Realm(s) staked in the game and defeat Goblin Towns.

Goblin Towns

Goblin Towns

Goblin Towns spawn ~ every day cycle from the moment the Realm is staked. Every time a Goblin Town is destroyed this resets. They have a level of randomness to them and their strength is determined when the battle begins.

Wood Realms will only spawn the lowest difficulty, while Dragonhide will spawn the hardest to defeat, making it an even playing field for all Realms.

Once you have defeated a Goblin Town you are rewarded with $LORDS for your victory and service.


The $LORDS reward will be dynamic, relative to the growth of the protocol, and will decrease over time after every epoch.