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Game Overview

"Empires rise and fall in the quest for control of Resources and Ancient Relics within an eternal world. Maintain and defend your empire or it will fall into disarray and be consumed by enemies."


All statistics and figures in this document are subject to change slightly as the alpha and beta versions of the game are released and balanced.


You require a Realm in order to participate within this game (OpenSea/LooksRare). The first expansion of this game will be centered around the Adventurers NFT which will be free to play.

War room

On-chain & eternal

Once the production version of the game is live, it will exist for the length of Ethereum's data storage. Yes, it is run on StarkNet, but all the state change will still be posted to Ethereum, one of the primary determinants in our choice of an L2 to run the game over a sidechain.

Resources are tradable and liquid

All the resources (and many other assets) within this gameworld are user-owned tradable tokens. You use these resources to create buildings and troops to improve and defend your Realm, and pillage resources from others in your quest for greatness.

Difficult player choices

Players must make difficult choices in this game. Every action has a reaction. Build too many troops and buildings and your food supplies will be depleted. Leave your vault unprotected and you will not be able to harvest the 7 day bounty. Optimize your builds and keep your digital serfs happy in order to rule over your Realm.

Realms are the beginning

The game we describe in this section is the base layer for an ever evolving on-chain world. It will form the macroeconomic and social layer necessary in order to terraform a world and culture to support 1m+ players.

Military Path

Economic Path