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There are 8000 ancient Relics across the Realmverse and one exists on each Realm. You must defend your Realm or your Relic will be stolen.

WIP of a game asset

A WIP of a game asset

What are Relics?​

Each Realm has a unique Relic which it must protect. The people of your Realm worship this Relic, and if it is lost, they start to lose hope in your leadership.

How do you capture a Relic?​

You can plunder a Relic by Raiding another Realm, which you’ll receive along with the resources of a successful Raid.

Once you have plundered a Relic, it will exist on your attacking Realm until the Relic owner successfully Raids you back - adding an incentive for retaliation.

Losing your Relic affects your happiness rating by -20 points, which will impact your daily resource harvest yield.

It would be wise to build a strong defensive squad to protect your valuable Relic.