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Generating Resources

22 resources of varying rarity have been discovered across the Realms, ranging from common Coal & Wood to the rare and magical Mithral & Dragonhide.

How are Resources generated?

Once a Realm is settled in the game it will begin generating 250 of each resource it has per day. This is the base amount that generates, but is influenced by your choices in managing the Realm.

How do I increase Resource production?

By increasing the population on a Realm, you will increase the number of workers and therefore increase the resource production. To do this you must build work huts (see buildings).

Resource Production

How do I harvest Resources?

Resources accrue every day cycle within the game. Once you harvest your resources they will appear in your Iron Bank. All resources are tokens and can be traded on the AMM (paired with $LORDS).

Resource accrual cap

If you don't claim the resources on your Realm, they will accrue for up to 3 day cycles. After 3 days they will not accrue any more until claimed.

What do Resources do?

You can use resources in order to construct buildings, summon troops, and trade on the AMM. They are the economic layer of this world and are scarce, so use them wisely.

WIP of the Buildings

A WIP of the Buildings

The Raidable Vault

Every Realm generates another stream of resources that accrue directly into the Realm's vault. This is what raiding Realms are attempting to pillage, and what you need to protect. Once this vault accrues more value than 7 days of production, you are able to withdraw all of it at once, providing a hefty bonus.

However, if you are attacked successfully, your vault will be depleted by 25% each time. This means you will need to wait longer until your vault refills before you can claim.

Defending your vault

You must build up your defensive squad in order to protect your vault. If you don't defend your vault and are frequently attacked, it will never reach 7 days of production and you will never be able to claim it.

Cool down between attacks

If you are attacked, whether successfully or not, your Realm is given a 30 minute cool down period where it can't be attacked again.

Trade resources


Resources are tradable for $LORDS via the AMM. If you have excess resources you can trade them for $LORDS to hold, or in turn, use to buy the resources you don't generate but need for other operations on your Realm.