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Troops & Squads

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity. Summon troops to help defend your Realm, or quest to foreign lands in order to steal riches.

What are Troops?​

Troops are the army that you use to raid another Realm and also use to defend your Realm. You build them up individually with resources on each Realm before they can be used.


NOTE: Troops are not tradable tokens. They only exist on your Realm and you cannot transfer them around. They exist to defend and attack only.

What are Squads?​

Troops are divided into three tiers with stats weighed by the rarity of resource cost. One squad is made of 15 troops:


This forms a single squad that you can use to raid or you can just use as defense on your Realm. Tier 3 troops offer special bonuses to the whole squad.

If a troop is slain they are removed from the squad and the game.

The health of the squad​

Each troop has a different vitality statistic that determines how many health it has. If a troop is hurt in battle it does not rejuvenate and heal. Once vitality reaches 0 the troop is dead.

“An army marches on its belly. “ - Frederick the Great (or Napoleon)

If you run out of food, the vitality of the Troops are permanently affected by 50%, making them easier targets. You must keep your storehouse full!