The Lords Token

The $LORDS token is the ERC20 token that powers the Realmverse. It acts as a fungible means of access and exit for the network and is fundamental for gameplay. The token's issuance follows a long-term schedule, which is determined by the growth of the network. This ensures that the token is released gradually over an extended period, rather than all at once.

The release schedule aligns the token's supply with the demand for the network's resources and services, which helps to maintain the token's value stability and enable its use as a dependable method of exchange within the Realmverse. The $LORDS token can be used to acquire resources, summon armies, construct structures, and various other actions within the Realmverse. The token can also be traded on crypto exchanges, providing players with the flexibility to enter and exit the network at their discretion.

The total supply of $LORDS tokens is fixed at 500 million. Distribution of these tokens is managed by the Bibliotheca DAO in accordance with its established protocols and procedures.

$LORDS Allocation


Game emissions

The majority of $LORDS tokens will be distributed through game emissions. The supply of tokens released through these emissions will be determined by in-game actions and will be released at a steady rate to balance inflation and growth. The total distribution of tokens is expected to take a minimum of 7 years to complete.

Bibliotheca DAO

The DAO retains a large proportion of the tokens which it could choose to use for any purpose.

Development Fund

5% of $LORDS is allocated to the first development fund used to build the original game.

Journey Contract

The journey contract was the initial distribution of $LORDS to early Realms holders who chose to stake. An allocation of this size will not happen again.

Last updated on January 27, 2023