A development DAO

The Bibliotheca DAO is dedicated to promoting the growth of on-chain games. This is achieved by designing games that generate value for the DAO, which can then be used to improve existing games or create new ones. The various sinks and burns implemented throughout the network aid in increasing the value of assets within the network, while also providing opportunities for new players to join the ecosystem.

$LORDS fees

All products released by the DAO include mechanisms for capturing value, which is then returned to the DAO. Initially, a significant portion of $LORDS fees generated by the protocol will come from the AMM (Automated Market Maker) and in-game purchases made using $LORDS.

Ethereum Fees

The NFT market within the ecosystem will be fully denominated in $ETH to lower the barrier of entry for new holders and provide a consistent inflow of ETH to the treasury. This will make it easier for new holders to participate in the ecosystem and also increase the funding available for the DAO to continue developing and improving the platform.

Last updated on January 27, 2023