Armies & Battalions

In the midst of chaos, there are always opportunities for a Realm Lord to strengthen their position. Summoning troops to defend their Realm can help protect it from attacks, while raiding foreign lands to acquire resources can help expand their Realm.

What are Battalions?

Battalions are groups of military units that when combined create armies. There are 4 unit types with 2 tiers each. Each tier has a different cost and different stats.

Find the current costs here: Costs (opens in a new tab)

BuildingTier 1 UnitTier 2 Unit
Archer House BuildingsArcher BuildingsHunter Buildings
Mage Tower BuildingsApprentice BuildingsMage Buildings
Castle BuildingsCavalry BuildingsKnight Buildings
Mage Tower BuildingsSoldier BuildingsPaladin Buildings

Armies & battalions are not tradable tokens. They only exist on your Realm and you cannot transfer them around. They exist to defend and attack only.

What are Armies?

Armies are composed of battalions. A Realm can contain many armies.

Defending Army

A Realm can only have one defending army at a time and it's the responsibility of the Realm Lord to ensure they are well-fed and well-stocked with resources to prevent raids and loss of relics and resources. It's important to balance army's consumption with available resources and monitor them regularly.

Attacking Armies

You can create multiple attacking armies as you wish, however, each battalion counts as 1 population. These armies are used to travel to and raid other Realms in order to acquire resources. It is important to keep in mind that the more attacking armies you have, the more population they will consume. Therefore, it's important to balance the number of attacking armies with the size of your population and the resources available to sustain them. It's also important to consider the risk and benefit of each raid, and make sure that the resources you might acquire are worth the potential loss of troops or population.

“An army marches on its belly. “ - Frederick the Great (or Napoleon)

Last updated on January 27, 2023