What is Food

Food comes in two forms. $WHEAT and $FISH. You have two options to get food in Eternum. Buy it from the market or grow it.


If you want to increase your resource production (population) or have a military to attack/defend (Battalions) with a higher vitality, you will need to provide your Realm with food. Food is cheap and every realm can produce (or purchase) it, but you must manage it wisely or suffer the consequences.

Rivers (Farms) & Harbors (Fishing Villages)

Farms are constrained to the number of rivers you have in your Realm, and fish traps to your harbors. The higher number of farms/fish Traps you have built, the higher yield of wheat/fish you’ll generate. Each farm/fishing village generates 14,000 $WHEAT/$FISH per day.

14,000 $WHEAT/$FISH per building

Feeding your population and troops

Storehouses are an important aspect of a Realm's economy as they allow a Lord to distribute food to their population and troops. Once wheat or fish is harvested or purchased, it can be converted into storehouses to feed the population and troops. Unlike farms and fishing villages, storehouses take up space in the Realm's spatial area, which means that building more storehouses will take up more space but will also feed the population and troops for longer periods of time.

The rate at which storehouses deplete depends on the size of the population (Army + buildings), the greater the number of population, the greater the consumption rate. As a ruler, it is important to balance the number of storehouses with the size of the population and standing army in order to ensure a steady food supply for your realm.

Consumption rate is calculated by the following formula:

Consumption rate = 1 food per second per Population

Building storehouses

The conversion rate is 10000:1, meaning that it takes 10000 units of food to create 1 square meter of storehouse. This conversion rate applies to both wheat and fish. There is no limit to how many storehouses can be built, except for the available space on the Realm.

The more storehouses that are built, the more food can be stored, and the longer the population and troops can be fed.

Trading excess food on the AMM

Once you harvest either $WHEAT/$FISH from your Farms/Fishing Villages, you have the option to trade any excess on the AMM for $LORDS.

In turn, this provides the opportunity for other Lords to purchase them instead of having to build farms/traps and harvesting themselves. A Lord with low rivers/harbors with a penchant for raiding, or simply being time poor can benefit from this, while providing a $LORDS stream to productive farmers.

Factors to consider

Food consumption

Food consumption is calculated by your population. Buildings and battalions count towards your population, the more you have, the faster your food is depleted.

If your Realm runs out of food, you will be permanently capped at 250 resource production and your armies will be at 50% health when they fight, drastically reducing your chances of success.

Last updated on January 27, 2023