Keep your Realms fed or else your digital serfs will revolt.

What is Happiness?

Happiness is a score that is kept on your Realm, it's a measure of how satisfied and content the citizens of your Realm are. The score is calculated by a formula that takes into account various factors such as food availability, military protection, and the presence of a relic. The base score of happiness is 100, and it can be increased or decreased by different actions or events.

The following are the current impacts on Happiness:

  • No Defending Army = -5 happiness
  • No Food = -5 happiness
  • No Relic = -12 happiness
  • coming soon: Daily Randomness = -3 to +3 happiness

What happens when your Realm is unhappy?

When a Realm's happiness score drops, it can have serious consequences on the Realm's military power. Every 12 hours (game tick cycle), the Realm's armies will start to desert by 15%. This can weaken the Realm's defenses and make it vulnerable to attacks from other Realms. It is important to maintain a high happiness score in order to keep the armies strong and the Realm safe. If a Realm's happiness score drops below 100, it is important to take immediate action to bring it back up before the next game cycle to avoid negative effects. This can be done by addressing the factors that are causing the unhappiness, such as food scarcity, lack of protection, losing battles, and losing the relic, also by providing bonuses or incentives to the population such as building certain types of buildings or giving rewards for their loyalty.

Last updated on January 27, 2023