The Orders

The Orders

What is an Order?

There are 16 Orders that were discovered deep in the data and contracts of Loot, each of which 500 Realms are assigned to. Creating order within the Lootverse (discovered by the historians at (opens in a new tab) and Genesis Adventurers.

What do the Orders mean for gameplay?

Initially, Realms of the same Order are unable to attack/raid each other - they have an inherent alliance.

They unlock the opportunity of wars. Realms from the same Order will be able to declare war on another Order, which will then commence once enough Realms have pledged their allegiance.

This also creates a new collaborative dynamic as Realm Lords can work together to make their Order more collectively powerful. Advanced collaboration, such as the development of alliances between orders and order-owned assets (Wonders, Genesis Adventurers) would drive increasingly more complex storylines and gameplay strategy.

Last updated on January 23, 2023