There are a total of 8000 ancient relics across the Realmverse, and one exists on each Realm. These relics are valuable and powerful items that can give a Realm a significant advantage. It is important for a Realm Lord to defend their Realm, as failure to do so could result in the theft of their relic by another Realm. A successful raid on a Realm will result in the stealing of 25% of that Realm's vault resources, and the ancient relic. Losing a relic can significantly weaken a Realm and its economy.

What are Relics?

Each Realm has a unique relic which it must protect. The relic is considered sacred and is deeply ingrained in the culture of the people of the Realm. They worship this relic, and if it is lost, they start to lose faith in their leader's ability to protect the Realm. Losing a relic can have serious consequences, not only on the Realm's economy and military power, but also on the morale of the population.

How do you capture a Relic?

A Realm Lord can acquire a relic by successfully raiding another Realm, along with the resources obtained in a successful raid. Once a relic is plundered, it will exist on the attacking Realm until the original owner successfully raids back and reclaims it. This can provide an incentive for retaliation, as the loss of a relic can have a significant impact on a Realm.

Losing a relic can also affect the happiness rating of the population by -12 points, which can lead to a loss of morale and loyalty.

To protect their valuable relic, it is wise for a Realm Lord to build a strong defensive Army and to prioritize the defense of the relic. This can help protect the Realm from raids and prevent the loss of the relic, maintaining the Realm's reputation and leadership.

Last updated on January 23, 2023