Generating Resources

22 resources of varying rarity have been discovered across the Realms, ranging from common Coal & Wood to the rare and magical Mithral & Dragonhide.

How are Resources generated?

Once a Realm is settled in the game, it becomes eligible to start generating resources. To begin generating resources, players must purchase Labor for each resource they want to produce. The cost of Labor varies for each resource, with rarer resources having a higher cost (priced in resources). This creates an economy where players must balance the resources they want to produce with the cost of production, giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility over the resources they produce.

Each resource generation cycle takes 2 hours after purchasing Labor and yields 25x of the resource. Resources can be harvested at any time once they are available and are protected from raids, allowing players to harvest them at their own convenience.

How do I increase Resource production?

Players can purchase Labor in 2-hour increments. To generate more resources, players can buy multiple Labor and claim the resources every 2 hours or wait and claim the resources once the queued production is completed.

For example, if a player buys 10x Labor for Diamonds, they can claim 25x Diamonds every 2 hours for 10 times or claim 250x Diamonds 20 hours later.

It is not possible to speed up production of resources.

How do I harvest Resources?

Resources are claimable after each 2-hour Labor cycle and will appear in the player's Iron Bank. These resources are tokens and can be traded on the Automated Market Maker (paired with $LORDS) and can be used to improve the Realm, trade with other players, or used to buy other resources.

Resource accrual cap

There is no limit on how much Labor a player can purchase for each resource, however, players will have to claim them in 2-hour increments.

What do Resources do?

You can use resources in order to construct buildings, summon battalions, and trade on the AMM. They are the economic layer of this world and are scarce, so use them wisely.

The Raidable Vault

Every Realm generates an additional stream of resources that are automatically accumulated in the Realm's vault. These resources are the target of raids and must be protected. Once the vault reaches 1008x units, it becomes claimable as a bonus.

Every time a player harvests Labor for a resource, 25% of the harvested amount is added to the resource's vault for that Realm. Each resource of each Realm has its own unique vault. In case of a successful raid, the vault will be depleted by 25% each time, requiring the players to wait longer for the vault to refill before claiming the resources.

Defending your vault

In order to protect your vault and reach maximum production (because the Vault is full), it is important to build up a strong defensive army. This will help deter attacks and prevent damage to your vault, allowing it to reach its full potential. Without proper defense, your vault will be vulnerable to attacks and may never reach 1008 units of production.

Cool down between attacks

If you are attacked, whether successfully or not, your Realm is given a 2.4 hour cool down period where it can't be attacked. After this time period runs out the Realm is vulnerable again.

Trade resources


Resources are tradable for $LORDS via the AMM. If you have excess resources you can trade them for $LORDS to hold, or in turn, use to buy the resources you don't generate but need for other operations on your Realm.

Last updated on January 27, 2023