The Stack

The Stack

All game state and logic is created on-chain, with the majority of transactions occuring on Starknet. The data is then cached in a performant GraphQL indexer which can be queried by any frontend application, such as the Atlas website or user created experiences.

The Contracts

Bibliotheca's Open Source contracts can be found in a monorepo on GitHub (opens in a new tab), consisting of both L1 contracts written in Solidity, and L2 contracts for StarkNet written in Cairo. These range from Realms Asset contracts (ERC721 and ERC1155), to staking, game logic, bridging and content (lore) contracts.

Contracts currently deployed to mainnet include:

Realms NFT (ERC721)Ethereum0x7afe30cb3e53dba6801aa0ea647a0ecea7cbe18d
Lords (ERC20)Ethereum0x686f2404e77ab0d9070a46cdfb0b7fecdd2318b0
Journey V1Ethereum0x17963290db8C30552D0cfa2A6453FF20a28C31a2
Journey V2Ethereum0xcdFe3d7eBFA793675426F150E928CD395469cA53

The Indexer

Asset and game events are tracked by our own Indexer (opens in a new tab), employing Apollo Server, Typescript, Prisma and Postgres. This enables any client applications (e.g frontends, analytics tools or bots) to query for events using GraphQL, or any proposed module to make an update to the indexer to make new events available to clients.

The Client

The majority of development is currently occuring on the Atlas (opens in a new tab) website, which will serve as the base for the future Realms' Settling (WIP) game. This React client is built on Next.js and hosted on Vercel, and you can find the source code on GitHub (opens in a new tab)


We are actively seeking contributors, with rewards to be issued by the DAO. Get in contact on the #builders-council on our Discord (opens in a new tab)

Last updated on January 23, 2023