Bibliotheca DAO

Bibliotheca DAO


Bibliotheca DAO sprung into life with the initial goal of graphing all of the projects in the Lootverse together (see Loot). The DAO attracted passionate and talented community members, and together formulated a much grander ambition: to build an alternative reality where anyone can participate.


You can read about the DAOs short term goals in the constitution.

The eternal goal is to create an expanding, self-sufficient open gaming protocol. DAO members will continue to vote on proposals submitted by individuals and entities, choosing which are funded by the Bibliotheca DAO treasury to be added to the Realms universe.


‘Realms: Eternum’ will be in the first wave of on-chain games built using STARKS (StarkNet). The methodologies learned by contributors will be shared with all - alongside opensource code, primitives and infrastructure - enabling Bibliotheca DAO to become the treasury and governance layer of a rich and varied open gaming protocol. The DAO will provide funding and knowledge to entities that wish to expand and improve the Realms via proposals voted on by DAO members (Realms NFT holders).


The DAO is funding contributors to pursue the DAO’s mission. Those contributors are:

  • Web3 natives
  • .cairo developers
  • AI/ML developers
  • Frontier pushers
  • Full-stack developers
  • Designers and storytellers
  • Gamers and game designers
  • Hackathon Winners (*StarkNet Amsterdam, Eth Lisbon)

Currently there are 15 contributors to the DAO. DAO members (Realms NFT holders) can raise proposals to fund contributors from the treasury to expand the resource and skill sets available to work on the games.



The treasury is currently funded by royalties on secondary sales of Realms (OpenSea (opens in a new tab) & LooksRare (opens in a new tab)).

The Bibliotheca DAO treasury can be found here: (opens in a new tab)

Grants into the DAO

The DAO has received multiple grants from within the Lootverse and beyond:

  • Loot DAO
  • GitCoin
  • StarkWare

Our Governance

Governance of the DAO is based around the Realms NFTs, however this will be expanded in the future.

Open source

Our entire ecosystem operates on open-source code, allowing players to freely modify and customize the game as they wish. The value of the ecosystem lies in the ability to freely use and build on it, rather than restricting it. This is similar to how Linux became the most widely used operating system in the world, due to its open-source nature. Anyone is welcome to contribute and expand upon the Realms and Bibliotheca ecosystem, which can be found on our Github repository. See our Github (opens in a new tab).

cc0 - no copyright reserved

Unrestricted intellectual property allows for unparalleled creativity. By building in the open, it attracts the unique and unconventional to build upon the foundation. The open-source world building of Loot has opened the door for the Bibliotheca DAO to push forward in creating an open gaming world. All assets within this world are licensed under CC0, making them free for anyone to use and build upon.

Last updated on January 23, 2023