From the outset of this project the DAO has strived to be as decentralized as possible. Bibliotheca DAO is governed by Realms NFT holders, and those Realms NFTs were distributed via a fair release that was open to all. Contributors are funded by the DAO to develop the first versions of the games.

We are building something greater than a game; we are building an open gaming protocol - a universe for players and creators to explore. The protocol is open for anyone to build on top of.

The Realms open gaming protocol should not be controlled by any single entity or ‘team’ it should be built and maintained by many entities. Contributors have a lot of work to do before the protocol is ready, but the long term aspiration of contributors is to build on the protocol, not control it.

Presently it is the responsibility of those contributors funded by the treasury to deliver the short term goals, but it every member of the DAO should be assisting in any way the can to deliver upon the long term goals [link to Realms NFT holders - your duty as a member of Bibliotheca DAO].

What is Bibliotheca DAO?

“A decentralized game studio, incubator and research lab for on-chain games.”

Bibliotheca DAO should always

  • Stay fully decentralized and not be controlled by any single legal entity
  • Fund and nurture projects building in the ecosystem
  • Be a place where bleeding edge technology is discussed and built
  • Deliver open source, cc0 projects and code
  • Be maintainer of ‘Realms: Adventurers’ ‘Play to Die’ (P2D) gaming protocol

Short term mission

  • Deliver first production version of ‘Realms: Eternum’
  • Deliver first version of the ‘Realms: Adventurers’ gaming protocol
  • V1 tooling to build on-chain games on the ‘Realms: Adventurers’ gaming protocol
  • Deliver the AMM
  • Deliver order book NFT market
  • Deliver NFT AMM

Long term mission

  • Incubate on-chain games / media that exist in the Realms universe
  • Govern the open gaming protocol
  • Self sufficient through protocol fees / LP
  • Industry leading research lab incubator for on-chain games
  • Build and maintain robust infrastructure to encourage centralized entities to build on the protocol

The core responsibilities Bibliotheca DAO

  • Building, maintaining and balancing the macroeconomic factors of the ecosystem. This includes distribution of Lords and resources and its subcomponents (i.e Realm population and its impact on resource production) and the AMM
  • The distillation of Loot items and ‘Realms: Adventurers’ creation modules, and the physics layer of equipping items and statistics
  • The maintenance of the first game in the ecosystem (‘Realms: Eternum’) providing a layer of locational physics and army building
  • The item crafting engine of ‘Realms: Adventurers’
  • Player education and marketing
  • Maintaining the ‘Realms: Adventurers’ tooling and contracts
  • Most importantly - to guide the path towards a thriving decentralized ecosystem building on top of the established Realms/Bibliotheca DAO primitives, ensuring an eternal community - not just eternal code
  • Technical advice and development tooling for teams building in the ecosystem (e.g token sink design and on-chain game loops), and the decision making process behind shared incentives and grants
Last updated on January 23, 2023